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Laura Allgire

Licensed Professional Counselor- (she/her/hers)

As a licensed professional counselor, I am passionate about empowering clients through a strength-based and client-centered approach. I firmly believe in meeting clients with empathy and non-judgement, creating a safe and supportive space for them to embark on their therapeutic journey.

My experience in working with women struggling with substance use and trauma has allowed me the privilege of witnessing the immense resilience and inner strength that individuals possess, even in the face of adversity. Drawing from this experience, I am committed to helping all clients achieve personal empowerment and realization of their full potential. I firmly believe that therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. I offer a dynamic and integrative approach, tailoring therapy to each client's unique needs and goals through incorporating a variety of evidence-based techniques and interventions. By adopting this approach, I empower clients to overcome challenges, develop healthier coping strategies, and achieve their therapeutic goals.

My ultimate goal is to provide a collaborative environment, where clients feel heard, understood, and empowered. Together, we will work to identify and address underlying issues, develop effective coping mechanisms, and promote personal growth and self-discovery.

See Ages 18-40:
I would love the opportunity to work with college students. I am passionate about working with women in their 20’s and 30’s specifically working on issues related to attachment/codependency/relationships and identity development through inner child and parts work.

Laura Allgire


-University of Denver- Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Mental Health

-University of San Diego- Bachelor of the Arts, Communication Studies


Therapy via Telemedicine and/or in-person at Denver Location

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