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Josephine Warrick

Administrative Assistant/Front Desk- (she/her/hers)

Josephine joined our team in April 2022. She is currently an administrative assistant. She approaches all aspects of any job with a positive, hard-working mindset, and is passionate about helping find solutions to any challenge.

Josephine knew that she wanted to assist people in need since the time she took a psychology class in high school. She then went on to graduate from Western State University obtaining a BA in Sociology. Josephine has completed an internship with the Colorado Department of Health & Human Services youth protection program. While her primary goal is to become a case manager, she is also studying unconventional treatments and healing philosophies.

Thomas Edison once said that the physician of tomorrow is the nutritionist of today. Using “Bioenergetics, Food and Herbs” is where the healing begins. Josephine brings a truly holistic approach to health care and is dedicated to learning and expanding her knowledge on alternative medicine therapies.

Josephine Warrick

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