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IV Hydration & Wellness

Strock Medical Group is pleased to be partnering with 303 I.V. & Wellness to introduce NEW wellness services. 

New services include IV hydration, Vitamin B, Vitamin D Injections

What is IV Hydration?

The human body is an amazing machine, however, sometimes it needs extra support for a variety of reasons such as dehydration, nausea, stress, and immune support.

Hydration therapy is a treatment that delivers fluids directly into your bloodstream through a small IV inserted in your arm. 

What are the benefits if IV hydration? 

1) Immunity Boost- IV therapy can help avoid many common illnesses with boosting you with compounds like Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. 

2) Flushing Toxins- Dehydration can affect your body in many ways including constipation and build up of toxins without good kidney and liver filtration. IV hydration therapy flushes your body with clean fluids to improve functioning of vital organs. 

3) Improvement with Cognitive Function- Your brain needs to be sufficiently hydrated to function to it's full capacity. Did you now that by the time you feel thirst, you are already dehydrated? When dehydrated you may feel you process information more slowly or notice impaired memory. Fluids keep your brain functioning properly. 

4) Improved Skin, Joint, and Muscle Health- The human body is composed of at least 60% water, that is why when you are dehydrated you can feel immediate effects. Inadequate hydration can lead to dry skin, muscle aches, and joint pain. The influx of IV hydration and nutrients can help restore health. 


Vitamin B Injections- Some weight-loss clinics offer vitamin B-12 injections as part of their weight-loss programs. Proponents of vitamin B-12 injections say the shots give you more energy and boost your metabolism, helping you shed unwanted pounds.Vitamin B deficiency could negatively influence your memory function, and cause cognitive impairment and dementia. Vitamin B contributes to the complexity of depressive symptoms. Low levels of folate have been linked to depression. SMG patient price $25/with IV $15 Public Price $30/with IV $20

Vitamin D Injections- Vitamin D is effective for preventing and treating vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D also improves symptoms that result from vitamin D deficiency. Taking vitamin D2 by mouth or administering it as a shot into the muscle seems to help treat symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Symptoms of low vitamin D can include fatigue, bone pain, muscle weakness, muscle aches, muscle cramps, mood changes, and depression. SMG patient price $25/with IV $15 Public Price $30/with IV $20

See I.V hydration menu and pricing below (wellness services are not covered by insurance). Please compare prices with other IV services in the community- 303 I.V. & Wellness offers special pricing for Strock Medial Group patients- services provided in Strock Medical Group offices in Denver and Boulder by onsite nurses and nurse practitioners.

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When scheduling- please plan on 90-120 minutes for your appointment. Once you are scheduled you will receive a health screening form and consent form to prepare for your appointment. 

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